Radu Lopez

Cannibal vampire fleshworker


Radu Lopez caused a major incident when he killed Derog, TNI Dipsomancer in a public street. TNI, the Sleepers, and an unknown third party immediately mobilized to bring him down.
TNI operatives obtained a fall guy, Hector Ramirez, hopelessly contaminated the crime scene with his DNA and persuaded the remaining witnesses of Hector’s involvement.

Ambushed by TNI agents, he was captured and is now suffering in the hands of unkind TNI interrogators. The Sleepers are negotiating for his extradition, as they’d quite like to teach him some real suffering. An unknown third party was also seeking his capture, but were wounded by the Sleeper assassin Agnes Flynn.

Worryingly, Radu’s memories have been obviously altered. Historical records confirm his age and some elements of his story, but his memories of the past several decades sharply contrast what is recorded.
According to his version of events, the moon landing was revealed as a fraud in the early 60s, and JFK was hanged on the whitehouse lawn as a communist. Other examples are similarly nonsensical.


This fine gentleman claimed he was a vampire, invented Epidomancy, and got it on with the Freak.

One out of three ain’t bad.

He certainly was old, born in the 1900s, and was one of the first epidomancers ( though not the inventor ). He also actually did have horrifying, mind-bending sex with the shapeshifting Freak, a fact that causes Danni, who saw some glimpses of his past, to experience occaisional repeating discomfort. She has been prescribed strong anti-nausea medication for these incidents.

Radu Lopez

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