A headstrong man of action, he channeled the Modern Hero avatar, which allowed him to face impossible odds and come through alive.

He had always dreamed that he would make it big in the movies, but a complete lack of acting ability condemned him to stuntman roles. Acting as a double for Daniel Craig during Casino Royale, he believed himself to have finally reached the pinnacle of his life.

Unfortunately, his self-destructive fiancee was an Annihlomancer. Who had grown up a huge fan of the Bond films. When she crashed the set clutching her wedding ring and wearing her favorite PJs, a lot of people died. After they put out the fires, Mr. Craig was dead and the Bond franchise was ruined. Darwyn and other members of the stunt team were blacklisted from the industry.

Recruited 2009. Graduated to D-rank Sept 2010. KIA 2011 Jan.

His fiancee, now known as D, was recruited in 2008 by the Seattle division.


Everything Must Go Tarsin