There’s a war coming.

A last war. And it’s not going to be fought in the trenches or the skies. It’s going to be fought in the alleys and the gutters, by desperate men and women with little scraps of stolen truth.

Terrible truth that opens your mind to the grim, hungry shapes that writhe and feed in the collective unconscious. Truth that shows you the power in self-mutilation, the beauty in the bottle, the righteousness of greed.

In the year 2000, billionaire Alex Abel became suddenly aware of the true nature of the world. He set out to write a new chapter, one in which men and women worked together for greater goals, and the fragile were no longer fodder. He’s willing to sacrifice anything to build that perfect world.

So he built The New Inquisition; a corporation of murderers, thugs, and worse dedicated to protecting the world. Giving the worst of humanity a second chance, to redeem themselves with their blood and tears. Some serve because they have no choice; others because they believe in the mission.

Everything Must Go

Khadren Tarsin ETP