Freedom Broom Factory – Center of power for TNI across America.
Green Clean Seattle – Headquarters and management. Mr. Abel maintains his personal estates here.
TNI Chicago – Destroyed – assumed work of The Sleepers.
Squeaky Cleaners – Fledgeling Detroit offices.

Rank and File
A ( Ace )

  • Mr Abel

B ( Bastards )

  • ButterBall – TNI NY Overseer

C ( Charlies )

  • Cinderella – One of many TNI NY dispatchers
  • Cage – TNI Seattle field agent.

D ( Dicks )

E ( Expendables )

  • Einstein
  • Ellen
  • Enoch ( deceased )
  • Erika ( deceased )

Known Divisions

Watchmen ( Internal Affairs )
Eponymous and his men stand outside the ranking structure, acting as Internal Affairs investigator. taking orders from Mr. Abel only. His fanatical loyalty to Mr. A is fatal to question.

Profitcy ( Seers )
Primarily Plutomancers, these men and women scour the markets to identify growing threats.

Protection ( Field agents and overseers )
The PCs and much of the bulk of TNI forces.


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