“If you make too much unnatural noise, if you leave witnesses to your workings, or if you just can’t shut your pie hole about how you can melt your face on command, the Sleepers will come for you in the deeps of night and tell it you straight: Hush Hush, little mage, for dead men cast no spells.”

In 2008, the TNI and the Sleeprs almost came to open war over a TNI plan to covertly offer magickal services to the U.s Army. After the Chicago safehouse was magickally destroyed, and all inside consumed by unnatural creatures, Mr. Abel backed down and negotiated a truce with Mz. Hamilton, representative of the Shadow Cabinet.
As part of the truce, TNI is pressed with keeping the magickal secret in their controlled territory.

Recently, the PCs actions in capturing Radu Lopez have led to the Sleepers bargaining for his extradition, and caused a number of Sleeper artifacts to come into TNI possession.

Known Sleepers
Agnes Flynn – Executioner Avatar – Horribly disfigured by grenade attack. Used Damnation Rounds.


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